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Carbon Compass

Carbon Compass is a state-of-the-art web and mobile application designed to empower individuals in the Philippines and across the globe to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. With the power of advanced AI, this app offers a personalized way to understand and manage your carbon footprint by meticulously tracking your daily activities, travel habits, consumption patterns, and energy usage.


Key Features of Carbon Compass:


1. Personal Carbon Footprint Measurement: Calculates your specific carbon emissions based on your daily behavior.

2. Integrated Travel Data with Carbon Tracking: By leveraging data from Google Maps, the app allows users to navigate through the Philippines, providing real-time carbon footprint data for various routes and transportation modes.

3. Comparative Analysis: Allows you to compare your carbon footprint with the average annual footprint in the Philippines and with those of 195 countries worldwide, placing your individual impact in a global context.

4. Global Carbon Footprint Insights: Provides data on the worldwide carbon footprint, helping to contextualize individual contributions.

5. Carbon Offsetting Through Global Projects: Enables users to offset their carbon emissions by funding science-backed environmental projects. These projects can be submitted by users from anywhere in the world and are rigorously verified by our independent team to ensure their effectiveness and credibility.

6. Community Project Submissions Worldwide: Carbon Compass encourages users globally to submit their own climate change projects. Each project submitted is thoroughly evaluated and verified by our independent experts to ensure it meets our standards for carbon offsetting.

7. API Integration: Integrate Carbon Compass features into your company website, enabling businesses to engage customers and employees in sustainability efforts directly. This feature supports transparency and promotes an eco-friendly corporate image.

8. Social Media and Community Engagement: Facilitates sharing of individual and community climate actions through social media platforms, enhancing the visibility and impact of sustainable practices. It also supports the formation of community-based groups, encouraging collaborative and localized environmental initiatives.


Carbon Compass is dedicated to guiding its users toward making informed, greener choices through actionable, tailored recommendations. By building a global community of environmentally conscious individuals committed to reducing their carbon footprint, Carbon Compass is more than just an app—it's a movement towards a sustainable future.

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