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What Are We Doing to Design Futures and Build Accessibility?

At Build Initiative, we are actively shaping a more inclusive and sustainable world through our key projects—GreenMatch, Night Owl GPT, and Carbon Compass. GreenMatch connects users with vetted global environmental projects, enabling effective carbon offsetting and fostering a community dedicated to ecological sustainability. Night Owl GPT breaks language barriers in the Philippines, supporting numerous local languages to enhance communication for marginalized groups. Carbon Compass empowers users to manage their carbon footprints with personalized insights and actionable strategies for sustainable living. These initiatives exemplify our commitment to innovation, advocacy, and collaboration, driving us toward a future where accessibility and sustainability are a reality for all.


In our relentless pursuit of a more inclusive and accessible world, the BUILD Initiative is excited to unveil a spectrum of upcoming projects that embody our vision and mission. These projects represent the next step in our journey to break down barriers and empower individuals of all abilities.

Each of these projects reflects our holistic approach to advocacy—uniting stakeholders, conducting research, and leveraging collective efforts to drive meaningful change. We invite you to stay tuned, get involved, and be a part of this transformative journey towards a future where inclusivity and accessibility are non-negotiable standards.

Green Match

Green Match

GreenMatch is a web and mobile platform that connects individuals and businesses with global, vetted environmental projects to effectively offset carbon footprints. Using advanced AI, it offers personalized plans for impactful actions against climate change, fostering a worldwide community committed to ecological sustainability.

Night Owl GPT

Night Owl GPT

Night Owl GPT is an advanced mobile app designed to break language barriers in the Philippines. Fluent in Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilokano, it aims to support all 170 local languages, enhancing AI accessibility for marginalized groups including indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities.

Carbon Compass

Carbon Compass

Carbon Compass is a cutting-edge app designed to help users worldwide, particularly in the Philippines, manage their carbon footprint. Leveraging AI, it tracks daily activities, travel, consumption, and energy usage, offering personalized insights and enabling effective carbon offsetting through global, verified projects.


Ready to make a real difference? Join us today by contributing your support, ideas, or resources. Let's shape an inclusive world together—one impactful step at a time.

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