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Language Preservation through AI

Revitalizing Philippine Languages with Artificial Intelligence

In the heart of the Philippines' cultural heritage lie its 170 diverse languages, each carrying the soul and stories of its people. However, as globalization sweeps across the nation, many of these languages are at risk of fading into silence. Our nonprofit is determined to counteract this through the innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI). We harness AI to document, learn, and revitalize endangered languages, ensuring they continue to thrive for generations to come.

Our Programs

AI Language Documentation: Utilizing AI tools, we embark on comprehensive projects to record and document endangered languages. This initiative includes gathering oral histories, folktales, and traditional knowledge directly from native speakers, creating a valuable digital archive for educational and preservation purposes.

AI-Powered Language Learning Apps: We develop user-friendly language learning applications powered by AI, making it easier for Filipinos and global citizens alike to learn and practice endangered languages. These apps use speech recognition and machine learning to provide personalized learning experiences, promoting linguistic diversity and cultural understanding.

Community-Based AI Workshops: Recognizing the importance of community involvement in language preservation, we conduct workshops that teach communities how to use AI tools to preserve their languages. These workshops empower local speakers to take an active role in documenting and revitalizing their mother tongues.

Collaborative Research and Development: In partnership with academic institutions and tech companies, we engage in research to develop new AI technologies aimed at language preservation. This includes translating devices, digital dictionaries, and platforms for collaborative language learning and documentation.

Awareness Campaigns and Cultural Exchange: Through digital campaigns and cultural exchange programs, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of language diversity. We highlight the significance of each Philippine language in the tapestry of national and global culture, encouraging support and participation in preservation efforts from a wider audience.

Join the Movement

By joining our Language Preservation Through AI initiative, you contribute to safeguarding the linguistic heritage of the Philippines. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a language scholar, or someone passionate about cultural preservation, there's a role for you. Together, we can ensure that the voices of the past continue to resonate into the future, enriching our cultural landscape and keeping our global heritage alive.

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