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Build Initiative partners with UK’s The Climate Coalition

One of our main advocacies at Build Initiative is harnessing technology to promote climate action and sustainable development. In line with this, we initiated a partnership with The Climate Coalition (TCC), the United Kingdom’s largest group of people dedicated to action on the climate and nature crises.

By collaborating with The Climate Coalition, which is composed of over 130 organizations with a combined supporter base of 22 million, Build Initiative hopes to partake in building an unstoppable movement of collective empowerment, advocacy, and mobilization towards creating a sustainable future for the planet and all its inhabitants.

TCC has already achieved so much. Through its “Show The Love” campaign, the Coalition harnesses the power of stories to inspire others to take action. They have already reached millions through this annual project. While “The Great Big Green Week” celebrates community actions being taken to stand up for nature and fight climate change. 

TCC has also led the campaign that resulted in the UK becoming the first major economy to set a legally binding net zero target, and has made history at the biggest ever mass lobby for climate, nature and people.

Meanwhile, we at Build Initiative seek proactive solutions using new and emerging technologies. 

We advocate for climate policies that are designed to be accessible to all individuals, ensuring that adaptive measures and resources are available to people of all abilities and backgrounds. This ensures that vulnerable populations have equitable access to solutions and support.

We promote education and awareness on climate tech in the Philippines by showcasing how emerging technologies can offer solutions to climate-related challenges.

One of our pioneer programs is the Carbon Compass, a cutting-edge application designed to help users worldwide, particularly in the Philippines, manage their carbon footprint. Meanwhile, GreenMatch links individuals and businesses looking to offset their carbon footprints and the grassroots environmental projects led by local and indigenous groups. 

But as we seek more technology-driven solutions to the climate crisis, we also recognize the need for collective action in order to solve complex climate issues. 

Partnerships are vital in addressing the climate crisis, which has become a great obstacle in fighting inequality and injustice, because those who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts are the poor and marginalized — those who have very little contribution to this crisis.

This collaboration between Build Initiative and The Climate Coalition is aimed at fostering a unified approach to developing and implementing climate policies that are inclusive and consider the diverse needs of all community members.

We believe that a unified and widespread movement can drive meaningful change and influence decision-makers to prioritize action on climate change and nature conservation.

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