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Harnessing the power of collective action

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, including experts in accessibility, educators, disability rights advocates, technologists, and policy makers. The diversity of our base enhances our approach, allowing us to address the multifaceted nature of inclusivity from various perspectives.

In order to ensure maximum impact for our programs, we have laid out mobilization strategies for our campaigns and activities.

We utilize targeted communication strategies to engage our supporter base through newsletters, social media, and direct outreach. By keeping our members informed about ongoing initiatives and upcoming events, we maintain a high level of engagement and readiness to act.

We conduct regular training sessions and workshops for our volunteers to equip them with the necessary skills to advocate effectively for inclusivity. These programs are tailored to address both physical and digital inclusivity, ensuring our volunteers are well-versed in the latest advancements and challenges.

Build Initiative leverages technology to create platforms that allow our volunteers to collaborate, share insights, and coordinate efforts seamlessly across different geographic locations. These platforms also facilitate the exchange of best practices and success stories to inspire and motivate our base.

By forging partnerships with similar organizations globally, we engage in international cooperation to amplify our impact. These collaborations enable us to bring about significant changes through unified efforts and shared resources.

For specific campaigns, we mobilize our base by organizing events that aim to raise awareness, generate public support, and drive engagement. These events are crucial in rallying our volunteers and supporters around specific causes or policy changes.

Our approach is deeply embedded in the belief that effective mobilization requires not only numbers but also a well-informed, strategically engaged, and passionately committed community. Through these efforts, we aim to transform the landscape of inclusivity, making it a reality for all. 

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